Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why this blog

On the internet there are hundreds of sites devoted to poor customer service. These sites are generated by tainted and often unruly customers who's experience with a merchant was, by their perception, less than what they deserve in customer service.

We have all been through it one time or another. We call our gas company or electric company about our bill or a service that was offered but not filled. In our dealings we sit and wait for what seems an eternity on hold, pressing option 3, then option 6 and so on. Then we finally do get to an agent and request, no, DEMAND, that they grant our every wish no matter how profound and outrageous it is. Why? Because we are the CUSTOMER!! and our business is important.

Well Dear CUSTOMER, this blog is dedicated to you. I have been in customer service for about 20 yrs now and all I have to say is I'm tired of you and your rantings and ravings. I'm tired of you screaming at me for something I genuinely have NO CONTROL over. I'm tired of having to blow smoke up your ass, just to get you off my line. Remember Dear CUSTOMER, I'm human too and I deserve just as much respect from you as you do, from me. Sadly, if I say no, it's because my hands are just as tied as yours are. If it is "our" mistake, I will do everything in my power to make it right for you - if you're calm, cool and collected. If you're an ass, then I will do everything I can to draw it out and make you wait. You want to know why customer service is so bad today? Because of people like you who don't have the sense that god gave a bee. When they sting, at least it's for a reason. When you sting it's only to get your way and you don't care who you hurt in the process.

This blog is for the Customer Service representative who has to put up a daily fight with idiotic customers. It's time for the CSR to have a voice. To spill the beans on their customers. Please, all you CSR's out there who read this. Give us your worst and hopefully one of those idiots will read it and will remember this the next time they are compelled to call you with an issue. (Which most of the time WE know it's their fault anyway)
I only ask that you omit any names. Use "Dear CUSTOMER" in your tellings. Please do not use any company or firm names.